Lost Sierra Trails Program

Net proceeds from the Lost Sierra Endurance Run benefit the Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship trail maintenance program.

Lost Sierra Trail and Race Route Descriptions

Mills Peak Trail Round Lake TrailLong Lake Trail Mt Elwell Trail

Mills Peak trail
The Mills Peak trail is nine miles that runs from highway 89 up to the Mills Peak look out, gaining 2900 feet in elevation.  This trail was built by Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship volunteers and employees, finished in 2011.  The bottom section below the Mohawk Chapman road is a narrow single track with a few rocky sections that was all built by hand. From the Mohawk Chapman road to the top was built with our Takeuchi TB 108 mini excavator. The tractor is 36 inches wide so this main section of the Mills Peak trail is wide, fast and fun.

Mills Peak Road to Gold Lake Road
This section is on the Dirt road to the Mills Peak lookout. The road is maintained and drivable in almost any vehicle, it has been used much for logging.

Gold Lake Road to Round Lake Trail Head
Approximately one mile on Gold Lake HWY, paved two-lane road.

Round Lake Trail to Silver Lake Trail
Once the course gets on the Round Lake trail it rally enters the lakes basin area and things start to get rocky. The Round Lake Trail is actually an old road to the Round Lake mine. The Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship has been doing work on this section of trail for several years, we have done rock work, drainage work and spring log out.

Silver Lake Trail
The Silver Lake trail is a tight slow trail that winds its way through the brush and boulders from Round Lake over to Silver  Lake then down to the Long Lake Trail. This section did see some maintenance from the SBTS in 2009 focusing on drainage control and brushing.

Long Lake Connector Trail
This trail was a very faint path through the brush skirting the east side of Long Lake, in some places it was difficult to follow. In 2009 the SBTS was hired to rebuild the trail but stay on the existing alignment. We moved tons of rock and cut out hundreds of root wads to make what is now a very enjoyable trail for all.

Upper Long Lake Trail
This trail climbs the south face of Mt. Elwell going through huge boulder fields most of the way.  In 2010 the SBTS was hired to rebuild the trail in order to make it more sustainable and safer for users. This took a ton of back braking labor on the exposed side of the mountain to put rocks in the correct spot. Much of this section it rock steps linked together.

Mt. Elwell Trail
This trail goes over the top of Mt. Elwell then descends to Smith Lake. This trail gets away from the lakes a little bit and wonders through a beautiful Red Fur forest near 7000 feet. This trail has also been worked by SBTS, we realigned a section near the bottom that was a constant erosion problem. The section how has several switch backs instead of fall line rut.

Smith Lake Trail
This trail runs from Smith Lake down to the Graeagle Lodge road. This trail has also been worked by SBTS to be more sustainable, safer and enjoyable to use.

Graeagle Creek Trail
This trail runs from the Graeagle Lodge down to the town of Graeagle, following the creek most of the way. The SBTS has built some turn pikes on this section and logged out down trees.

All of the trails in the Graeagle Lakes Basin area are very technical and rocky, the Mills Peak trail  would be the only exception.

85 volunteers for Mills Peak trail. 211 volunteers for all other Lakes Basin trails.

Smith Creek bridge installation

Once the snow is melted the SBTS crew will go into the Smith Creek Trail and start working on the headers for a manufactured bridge to be set across Smith Creek. The bridge is coming from a company in Oregon and will be dropped at the Gold Lake staging area for us. From there we will have a helicopter pick up the bridge and fly it into place for us. No one on the SBTS crew has been involved with a project quite like this before so I'm sure it will be exciting and we will all learn something form it.

Smith Creek Crew
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